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Mission Statement: To empower the voters to speak and associate with those Candidates with whom they want to speak and associate with, and to be able to change their mind when politicians make promises they refuse to keep.

Our slogan "I Want My Money Back" reflects the emotions of so many political donors who gave their hard earned, post tax, non tax-deductible dollars to political candidates based on a 'Campaign Promise' that was not kept. We stand with you. 

If you bought a product based on a company promise in an advertisment and that purchased product did not live up to the advertised promise, you would demand your money back. Why should politicians not be held to the same standard?

NOTE: Candidates are under no obligation to refund your contribution however you are entitled to ask for a refund. simply facilitates your request.

Request your Refund

You have the right to request a refund of your contribution. Simply complete the below and a form letter, automatically populated with your information, will pop up for you copy, paste, print, and mail! provides this service without charge and solely to help you seek a refund of your contribution. We do not capture or keep any of the below information at any time, it is never saved to our systems, and we never allow any third parties to access or use any data you provide.  Candidates are under no obligation to refund your contribution, and simply facilitates your request.

$ is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the personal information you provide in using our services solely to create a pop-up letter so you can request a refund of your contribution directly from the candidates you gave it too.  We do not save, store, share, or otherwise make any use of this data and it is immediately purged from our system.  We will not make any personal data available to third parties, or use the data for any commercial purpose.  Pursuant to federal election law requirements, your information may not be used for any commercial purpose.


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